Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Animals

So, I'm just browsing Etsy now. In case you didn't know, which you probably didn't, my two favorite animals are the penguin and the frog. Anyway, I figure that since it is winter now, and penguins are usually associated with winter, I would pick out all my favorite winter animals on Etsy. Ya know, penguins, polar bears, elk, etc. So here goes...

Penguin Pendant
This is a great pendant by the awesome ItsAllAboutYou.

She does really nice scrabble pendants, in all different styles. She just started this summer, and already has over 300 sales! Good job! She is having a sale at the moment that is buy two get one free. Check her out! I love how serious this penguin looks, if penguins can have looks, which I say they can. So poke the poor fellow already, don't get him anymore mad at you!

Polar Bear Plush
This adorable little plushie bear; I'd cuddle up with it in a second. It is holding sushi in one hand and a fish in the other. This is crafted by the magnificent SUSUTEN Her items are so cute! She resides in Los Angeles, in Cali, like me! I have some friends coming up from there soon. Anyway, this adorable little polar bear's name is Ci-Wong, totally cute!

Next up is the gorgeous white fox. This animal is a cousin to the normal fox, so here goes nothing! This simple, yet beautiful vintage styled box is made by the ever-so-talented fruitflypie. I chose this as my feature because I like the design, and the fact that you can tell what the fox is. It is a simple trinket box, in a white design and it has indentations going down the sides vertically. The white fox perches on top, perhaps readying itself to catch a meal.You could place jewelry in here, perhaps use it for keepsakes, or give it to a family member for the holidays!

Well, that was my first Etsy feature type thing, and more will definitely be coming out in the very near future!

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