Saturday, November 15, 2008

New items for ETSY!

Well, I probably should have posted a while ago, letting myself slip into the next month. Ooops. Anyway, instead of blogging, I've been slowing churning out items for ETSY so here a few pics and info.

This is totally awesome scarf I made for teens and women, but guys could wear it too!! It is a dark purple, eggplanty if I must, and it has white fuzzy yarn. About 50" long, or 4 feet long!

Also, I made a really cool beanie hat, called the Green Sheen Teen Beanie. Yes I tried to make it rhyme. It is a super duper soft hat, and it is quite shiny, or sheeny, I suppose. But it is a great little hat for tweens, teens, small adults, etc. I suppose it could fit a rather large babies head too, but I wouldn't bet on it :)

This is a super short scarf made from ultra white yarn, cream white yarn and black fuzzy yarn. It feels really soft and cool on your skin, but is also really warm! Also it is very fuzzy. It is a great scarf, nice and chunky, and is great for any age!

So that is the end of my blog for today. Hopefully I will remember to add some more posts when I get more up on Etsy. BYE!!!

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