Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holidays are a-coming!

Alas, after a very busy Etsy day, I'd like to settle down with a little Christmas shopping. *4 hours later* Darn, nothing at all. *looks at time* AAAHH!!

Okay, I'm not the one in charge of making the turkey, so I've decided to put my time into getting some nice, affordable Christmas presents ready for you! I'll have warm stuff, fun stuff, etc. stuff.

Men's Scarf
This could be the perfect present for that uncle, brother, cousin, hubby, BFF, anyone really. It's a men's scarf, but jazz it up in a nice burgundy or green and the ladies will be all over this baby. It's actually a pattern, but it is nice and chunky and awesome! This is by the equally fabulous crocheteria who makes lots of other awesome things, including a lot of patterns, but also some ready items, including large cover shawls and crochet jewelry. This is a nice scarf that anyone is sure to love because of it's thick chunkiness and it's lasting durability due to the amount of yarn used for the effect. Thanks, crocheteria!!

Next up is for those people you don't like seeing, but are obliged to give a a gift to them. A fancy print, called Daphne, shows a young lady gazing down, to where no one knows, with a veil of golden sparks flowing from her elaborate head piece. This is really quite ironic, my sister's name is Daphne, and the owner of the shop, wednesdaywandered joined Etsy 1 day after our birthday! How strange is that! My name is as equally uncommon, more so even, it is Dagmar. Not much on Etsy with that title! For that snobby aunt of yours, give her this and she'll think it's worth more than just $25 smackaroo's!

This is for the niece or cousin who is just the craziest thing round this part of town.
These simple yet spectacular bangles have a simple shine to them, giving sparkle to everything. Come in a variety of rainbow of colors, you could even *sniffle* get them for me :)

These are made by the faboo talkofthetown, which she really is!

Grab a nice pair of earrings made from circles of bright, dazzling colored plastic that she had been saving, so they are recycled, from MountPhoenix and you're set for all those crazy insane cousins who live on a boat off the shores of Kuta Beach! This fabulous crafter also makes knitted items as well as other jewelry!

So that's it for my second in a series gift guide. I hope that some of these items will be long sold after the holidays are gone! Bye!

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