Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thank you, TimothyAdamDesigns! I just finished re-doing my blog, thanks to his helpful tips! Timothy makes the most simple yet beautiful metal art and jewelry pieces. He also tries to keep everyone happy with Etsy by positive tips and attitude, and helps the newer Etsians navigate. I should hope that everyone aspires to be like this wonderful man.I have a particular liking to this piece because I have just recently learned how to weld in my Industrial Technology class at school. We are currently making 3 benches for the city and multiple other crafts, such as rock boxes and stools.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holidays are a-coming!

Alas, after a very busy Etsy day, I'd like to settle down with a little Christmas shopping. *4 hours later* Darn, nothing at all. *looks at time* AAAHH!!

Okay, I'm not the one in charge of making the turkey, so I've decided to put my time into getting some nice, affordable Christmas presents ready for you! I'll have warm stuff, fun stuff, etc. stuff.

Men's Scarf
This could be the perfect present for that uncle, brother, cousin, hubby, BFF, anyone really. It's a men's scarf, but jazz it up in a nice burgundy or green and the ladies will be all over this baby. It's actually a pattern, but it is nice and chunky and awesome! This is by the equally fabulous crocheteria who makes lots of other awesome things, including a lot of patterns, but also some ready items, including large cover shawls and crochet jewelry. This is a nice scarf that anyone is sure to love because of it's thick chunkiness and it's lasting durability due to the amount of yarn used for the effect. Thanks, crocheteria!!

Next up is for those people you don't like seeing, but are obliged to give a a gift to them. A fancy print, called Daphne, shows a young lady gazing down, to where no one knows, with a veil of golden sparks flowing from her elaborate head piece. This is really quite ironic, my sister's name is Daphne, and the owner of the shop, wednesdaywandered joined Etsy 1 day after our birthday! How strange is that! My name is as equally uncommon, more so even, it is Dagmar. Not much on Etsy with that title! For that snobby aunt of yours, give her this and she'll think it's worth more than just $25 smackaroo's!

This is for the niece or cousin who is just the craziest thing round this part of town.
These simple yet spectacular bangles have a simple shine to them, giving sparkle to everything. Come in a variety of rainbow of colors, you could even *sniffle* get them for me :)

These are made by the faboo talkofthetown, which she really is!

Grab a nice pair of earrings made from circles of bright, dazzling colored plastic that she had been saving, so they are recycled, from MountPhoenix and you're set for all those crazy insane cousins who live on a boat off the shores of Kuta Beach! This fabulous crafter also makes knitted items as well as other jewelry!

So that's it for my second in a series gift guide. I hope that some of these items will be long sold after the holidays are gone! Bye!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I was on the front page. YES!!!! WOOHOO! Thank you! Okay I'm good. Anyway, my Black and White Fuzzy Scarf was on the front page in a black, red, and white treasury. And today, I had my first non-specialty sale! And, I am going to be featured on a Twilight Blog for my two newest creations!!! Today has been an awesome Etsy day. My day is complete. I am also going to be featured in ANOTHER blog come January, which is when the Twilight blog is going to be up. And... And... And... YAY!!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Animals

So, I'm just browsing Etsy now. In case you didn't know, which you probably didn't, my two favorite animals are the penguin and the frog. Anyway, I figure that since it is winter now, and penguins are usually associated with winter, I would pick out all my favorite winter animals on Etsy. Ya know, penguins, polar bears, elk, etc. So here goes...

Penguin Pendant
This is a great pendant by the awesome ItsAllAboutYou.

She does really nice scrabble pendants, in all different styles. She just started this summer, and already has over 300 sales! Good job! She is having a sale at the moment that is buy two get one free. Check her out! I love how serious this penguin looks, if penguins can have looks, which I say they can. So poke the poor fellow already, don't get him anymore mad at you!

Polar Bear Plush
This adorable little plushie bear; I'd cuddle up with it in a second. It is holding sushi in one hand and a fish in the other. This is crafted by the magnificent SUSUTEN Her items are so cute! She resides in Los Angeles, in Cali, like me! I have some friends coming up from there soon. Anyway, this adorable little polar bear's name is Ci-Wong, totally cute!

Next up is the gorgeous white fox. This animal is a cousin to the normal fox, so here goes nothing! This simple, yet beautiful vintage styled box is made by the ever-so-talented fruitflypie. I chose this as my feature because I like the design, and the fact that you can tell what the fox is. It is a simple trinket box, in a white design and it has indentations going down the sides vertically. The white fox perches on top, perhaps readying itself to catch a meal.You could place jewelry in here, perhaps use it for keepsakes, or give it to a family member for the holidays!

Well, that was my first Etsy feature type thing, and more will definitely be coming out in the very near future!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Scarves for Winter!

Yay, new scarves!! I'm super duper happy, but before I put them on Etsy, I have to take pictures of my model with them :( Hmmph.

Anyway, here is my most favorite scarf that I have ever made. Ta da! I think it is just so warm and soft and everything you want a scarf to be. It is red and fuzzy, with little bits of black fuzz. Thin trim as well. I call it, the "Twilight Scarf" because of the new movie, in which, OMG, Robert Patterson is so gorgeous and cute! My friend totally died each time he came on screen. lolz

This is also my first attempt at using a light box, which I made last night. Ta Da(again) This is not actually mine, but mine looks very similar to this one. It's kinda ugly, but it takes really awesome pictures, so I'm still happy. Some of the pictures I took are still bad, but I'm getting used to it. So, I need to know, which pictures do you like better? Post a comment telling me whether you like the light box pictures or the wood railing pictures better. I need to know!!!

Okay, so here is that other scarf in the plural. I call it, the "Mermaid Scarf". As you can see, it looks kinda like a mermaids tail on each end, so I suppose I could have called it the Double Mermaid, but that sounds weird. As you can see, it is a pale teal, perhaps a more baby blue colors, and on each end there is a small section of "pooch" yarn, in white, black, and gray. It also has fringe of both varieties. This is also a super duper soft scarf, and I totally love it. Well, bye for now!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Neck Cowl!

I just finished making my new cowl! Well, I'm putting it on Etsy, so it's not mine, but anyway...

Here it is!! Oooh, isn't it great? It's just so warm and fuzzy and soft and everything! The buttons are flippin' awesome too. It's just a really awesome neck cowl thingy. So, can y'all comment on this, I saw a post somewhere that said these things are safer than scarves. What do you think? Anyone? Go ahead and comment your wisdom.

Anyway, here are those buttons... Ah, just delicious feast for the eyes. I was so happy that I found these buttons, so be prepared to see a bunch more stuff with buttons on it, like scarves, cases, and a load more. Okay, well I got's to go, BYE!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New items for ETSY!

Well, I probably should have posted a while ago, letting myself slip into the next month. Ooops. Anyway, instead of blogging, I've been slowing churning out items for ETSY so here a few pics and info.

This is totally awesome scarf I made for teens and women, but guys could wear it too!! It is a dark purple, eggplanty if I must, and it has white fuzzy yarn. About 50" long, or 4 feet long!

Also, I made a really cool beanie hat, called the Green Sheen Teen Beanie. Yes I tried to make it rhyme. It is a super duper soft hat, and it is quite shiny, or sheeny, I suppose. But it is a great little hat for tweens, teens, small adults, etc. I suppose it could fit a rather large babies head too, but I wouldn't bet on it :)

This is a super short scarf made from ultra white yarn, cream white yarn and black fuzzy yarn. It feels really soft and cool on your skin, but is also really warm! Also it is very fuzzy. It is a great scarf, nice and chunky, and is great for any age!

So that is the end of my blog for today. Hopefully I will remember to add some more posts when I get more up on Etsy. BYE!!!