Sunday, November 16, 2008

Neck Cowl!

I just finished making my new cowl! Well, I'm putting it on Etsy, so it's not mine, but anyway...

Here it is!! Oooh, isn't it great? It's just so warm and fuzzy and soft and everything! The buttons are flippin' awesome too. It's just a really awesome neck cowl thingy. So, can y'all comment on this, I saw a post somewhere that said these things are safer than scarves. What do you think? Anyone? Go ahead and comment your wisdom.

Anyway, here are those buttons... Ah, just delicious feast for the eyes. I was so happy that I found these buttons, so be prepared to see a bunch more stuff with buttons on it, like scarves, cases, and a load more. Okay, well I got's to go, BYE!

1 comment:

Meekiyu said...

it does look pretty... I've seen those buttons before but a long time ago when I was very young... I love the purple color and it does look super warm!