Saturday, November 22, 2008

Scarves for Winter!

Yay, new scarves!! I'm super duper happy, but before I put them on Etsy, I have to take pictures of my model with them :( Hmmph.

Anyway, here is my most favorite scarf that I have ever made. Ta da! I think it is just so warm and soft and everything you want a scarf to be. It is red and fuzzy, with little bits of black fuzz. Thin trim as well. I call it, the "Twilight Scarf" because of the new movie, in which, OMG, Robert Patterson is so gorgeous and cute! My friend totally died each time he came on screen. lolz

This is also my first attempt at using a light box, which I made last night. Ta Da(again) This is not actually mine, but mine looks very similar to this one. It's kinda ugly, but it takes really awesome pictures, so I'm still happy. Some of the pictures I took are still bad, but I'm getting used to it. So, I need to know, which pictures do you like better? Post a comment telling me whether you like the light box pictures or the wood railing pictures better. I need to know!!!

Okay, so here is that other scarf in the plural. I call it, the "Mermaid Scarf". As you can see, it looks kinda like a mermaids tail on each end, so I suppose I could have called it the Double Mermaid, but that sounds weird. As you can see, it is a pale teal, perhaps a more baby blue colors, and on each end there is a small section of "pooch" yarn, in white, black, and gray. It also has fringe of both varieties. This is also a super duper soft scarf, and I totally love it. Well, bye for now!!

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