Saturday, January 17, 2009

Destash Yarn

I have TOO MUCH YARN! I am going to sell some of it on Etsy. I want it gone.

Here is what I have, not yet on Etsy

1 Lion Brand Jiffy Heather Blue
1 Knitting acrylic yarn Rainbow
1 Lion Brand Trellis Champagne
1 Patons Nuance Canyon
1 Patons Divine Richest Rose
2 Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton Wedge Wood (blue/white)
1 Lion Boucle Licorice

I have some other Redheart yarns, Camo, Earth and Sky, Painfully Bright Yellow, and Lime Green. This list is more for me, but if you want one of these, I will mark it down 10% if you write to me BEFORE PURCHASING about my blog, and which yarn you want. Thanks!!

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