Sunday, January 18, 2009

CPSIA: The Ban Against Un-Tested Children's Items

I have not personally paid much attention to this, as I do not sell children's items, but now that Etsy has made a section specifically for this, I thought I ought to blog about it.

This morning, I was looking through my favorite items, and happened to notice that one of them had a huge price, over 6,000. I saw the title that said "CPSIA price change." This cost is both going to affect what sellers can pay and what buyers can pay, because 10k+ is too much for felt food.

Etsians have contacted so many local news broad-casters and big time people, like Oprah. So many talented and established Etsian baby sellers are closing down shop because they cannot afford to pay $420 to test EVERY SINGLE component of their merchandise, which often have 5 or more components. Changing this law is on the Top 10 for what people think Obama should change for the country.

People are thinking up ways to protest, to get media and celebrities, everyone knowing about this. It affects EVERY place that charges money for children's items. This includes baby stores, thrift stores, day care centers, baby Ebay sellers, sports, like soccer, where you get a uniform, EVERYWHERE!!! Chain stores are throwing out children's stuff because they don't want to pay for it.

Please write to your local congressman, or basically anyone, about this law and why it should be changed PRONTO! If you like buying handmade, selling handmade, anything relating to children under 12 years of age, do something about this!!! And now, some items that have been priced accordingly for the law.

This is a beautiful tutu made by mom2twogals, priced at a reasonable $3,378.50!

This is a great kit for your toddler at a nice price of $10,940 by Ozarknana.

For more great deals, check out this thread.

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